Company has the three basic producing technologies

6-spindle automatic machines of ZPS Zlín producer

  • Machinery for large-lot and mass production;
  • Incoming semi-finished product is either bar or tube material with external diameter until 67 mm and length up to 4.500 mm

Single-spindle CNC turning lathes of an American production HAAS

  • Machines are designated for small-lot and middle series production;
  • The main incoming semi-finished products are forgings or blanks with maximal external diameter up to 200 mm;
  • A part of turning lathes are equipped with automatic feeder of bar or tube material with maximal external diameter 74 mm;

Automatic producing lines are built up from CNC vertical spindle turning centers of German producers Scherer-Feinbau and EMAG

  • Lines are designated for middle-sized series and for large-lot and mass production;
  • Semi-finished products are forgings with maximal diameter until 250 mm, height 275 mm and weight 2,5 kg;
  • Lines are designated for production of HUB unit rings of axles of passenger cars